Helping a Leading Human Resource Consulting Firm Automate Employee Survey Analysis


The client is a Leading human resources research, consulting and training firm having survey data of over 1.3 million Employees from almost 2500 Esteemed Organizations in India. The client sought our expertise in analyzing unstructured bulk data collected after surveying employees of major firms. The development team explored text data and designed an automated solution to visualize sentiments expressed by Employee in the form of a Word Cloud. The solution enhanced analysis to a great extent and also reduced efforts of the client.

Technologies and tools

- Python
- Flask
- Natural Language Processing
- Word Cloud

Our Roles

- Front-end and back-end Development
- Project Management

Team Size

3 members


Human Resource and Management level personnel of Multi National Companies

The Challenge: To get Real Insights from Employee Survey Analysis

An Employee is a key resource and their views matter most in making any organization a great place to work. To get the real insights of Employee view, analysis of the survey is a challenge especially when the data is in the form of unstructured text. However, such an amount of unstructured text data can't be manually processed adequately. That is why consulting firm main concern was associated with the amount of work they had to do to extract valuable information from unstructured text.

Some of the key challenges they faced were:

  • Extract sentiments expressed by Employee with high accuracy
  • Automate the process of sentiment analysis using text data
  • Visualize the result in the form of Word Cloud to get real insights
  • Fast processing of bulk data
  • Gain insight into the strengths and improvements required for an Organization

The Solution: Automated Feedback analysis in the form of Word Cloud

Working closely with the Clients, MAXIMESS built a survey analysis application to monitor Employee comments on different aspects of Organization and visualize it in the form of Word Cloud based on keywords extracted from comments. With the help of the application, the Client's team has all the necessary information at hand as soon as the new set of comments comes in and their team can act on it to consult different Organizations to make it a great place to work.

Key features developed for the solution are as follows:

  • Extraction of keywords in the form of Bigrams and Trigrams
  • Word Cloud generation to get the real insights of different aspects of an organization
  • Fast processing of bulk text data with the removal of noisy data
  • Automated sentiment analysis in the form of a Web-based Application

The Results: Reduced time and cost of Employee feedback analysis

Solution provided by MAXIMESS allowed the firm to reduce the costs and time spent on survey analysis. The Client saw significant improvement in the working process of their team and the quality of insights after the deployment of a Web application. Above all, the solution helped to minimize the amount of bias associated with different Employee's perception of the information improving the reliability of the survey analysis and helped in making Organizations a great place to work.

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